Plastic Safety Floor

This is the most cost effective form of marquee flooring available. These floors are strong, safe and durable. Each floor panel is 500mm x 500mm and  clips together to make one continuous floor. From a versatility point of view it is extremely practical as sections can be removed to allow the floor to fit around …

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Marque Heating

We hate to hear of any marquee event where people complained of being cold. With the right equipment any marquee can easily be heated to normal room temperatures even in the very coldest Irish weather. A good marquee heater will typically be setup outside the marquee with a duct leading into the marquee. When switched …

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Wedding Survey

Traditional values are changing in 2014 with 69% of couples footing the wedding bill on their own and 15% with the help of the bride’s parents. Civil weddings are also getting more and more popular with 1 in 4 couples opting for a civil ceremony over a church wedding (1 in 5 in 2013). This …

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Sizing A Marquee

What size marquee creates the perfect level of comfort? What is the optimum balance between being too tight and having too much space that you don’t know what to do with! There are some basic rules to consider when sizing a marquee…. Marquees are modular and are extended in length by 3m or 5m wide …

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Communion Time

It’s hard to believe that we are just coming to the end of our busy season for 2014 and Communion bookings are starting to come in already! Traditionally Communion dates are firmed up during September and October for the following year. We already have a lot of bookings at this stage for 2015. We are …

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Wedding Exhibition

Classic Marquees will be having a Marquee Wedding Exhibition at Kilcolgan Castle on Feb 14th 2015. This will be a unique opportunity to view a fully kitted & heated wedding marquee at a private castle on the shores of Galway Bay.  Kilcolgan Castle was rebuilt in the late 18th century, incorporating some of the walls of …

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