Customer Survey

We recently commissioned to conduct independent research on our service to see where we could improve.

They contact 100 of our previous customers with an online questionnaire to see how we ranked. The customer was offered a scale ranging from ‘very good’ down to ‘very bad’

Q. How do you rank Classic Marquees in:

Answer: ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’
Reliability 100%
Customer Service 100%
Equipment 100%
Promptness to reply to enquir 100%
Location 100%
Associated Services 80%
Price 94%

Most importantly 100% of our customers rated our Reliability at the highest rating possible.

The questionnaire went on to ask:

Q. Would you use Classic Marquees again?

100% said Yes.

Q. Would you recommend Classic Marquees to a friend?

Again, 100% said Yes.

We also discovered that most of our clients had talked to between 2 and 3 other providers before making their decision to go with Classic Marquees.

The questionnaire asked why they had chosen Classic Marquees – a sample of their reasons given are as follows;

 Decision based on the Professionalism of Classic Marquees

“We liked Michael and we liked the fact that he didn’t try and sell us equipment we didn’t need (some others had done this, saying we needed this that and the other when in fact we didn’t)”

“Michael had a personal touch in the emails – My first time hiring a marquee and I wasn’t very sure what we needed but Michael sorted everything out for us”


“Initially, Classic (Marquees) seemed to have the best range to suit our needs. Proper professional marquees. After talking to Michael and doing a brief site survey there was an air of professionalism. We knew we were in good hands”

“Had immediate reply to inquiry, very detailed easy to follow costing on all extra equipment needed, no hidden extras, very efficient company to deal with”

“Once I met with Michael, I knew service would be top class, also much more keenly priced”

“Found them very good to attend to our special requirements”

“The promptness of response, excellent customer service – there to assist us with our demands and their expertise in regards to planning this type of event. From the very beginning we knew we would choose this company”

“Price, flexibility and customer service from Michael himself. I dealt directly with him and he suggested the appropriate marquee for us and I couldn’t have been happier”

“Excellent reviews & Michael has solutions & answers for any problem – he even got his team to make 2 stands (for my wedding floral arrangement)”

“Initial emails/phone calls created an excellent impression. Michael was organised, thorough and very pleasant to deal with. Extremely professional and courteous”

“Michael was very prompt in replying and a very good man to deal with always helpful and easy to communicate with”

“Everything was excellent. Classic Marques were so friendly, professional, everything was amazing and a great price. Thank you guys. I will never be able to thank you enough”

 Decision based on Price and Equipment

The right equipment at a sensible price and excellent ‘customer care’

Price and looks”

“Combination of price, professionalism and reliability”

We at Classic Marquees are obviously delighted with this feedback, as it is our Mission to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service.