Green Light For Outdoor Weddings

The interpretation of the current legislation regarding outdoor weddings has been clarified by the AG’s office to allow outdoor weddings to take place in public areas.

Up to now the wedding ceremony could only take place in ‘a place that is open to the public’ which had been interpreted by the General Registrar as a building that is open to the public. As a result outdoor weddings were precluded.

The Humanist Association of Ireland had threatened to take legal action as it claimed that its members were excluded from having an outdoor wedding due to the General Registers interpretation of the Civil Registration Act. As a result the Tánaiste Joan Burton requested clarification from the Attorney General Maire Whelan SC.

Following a review Ms Whelan has now confirmed that the current legislation extends to public places – paving the wave for outdoor secular weddings.

Following the announcement the Tánaiste Ms Burton stated that “There has recently been some uncertainty about the definition of ‘a place that is open to the public’ and in order to clarify the matter, my department sought advice from the Attorney General. This legal advice has clarified that the definition does include outdoor venues,”.

“This will be welcome news for couples wishing to celebrate their wedding day in a way that is most meaningful to them,” she added.