Irish Wedding Statistics 2013

Being in the business of wedding hire we decided to go ahead and create this fun infographic for you and your friends to share. Sticking with the theme of weddings, we have compiled a list of the most interesting facts surrounding weddings.

We cover areas such as the average age to get married, the average age of the bride, engagement ring costs, the most popular month to get engaged and the most popular month to get married. Other interesting facts and figures covered in this infographic include, the average number of wedding guests, average budget, civil ceremony vs. church and honeymoon abroad vs. local.

Did you know that the average age to get married is now between the age of 30 and 35? Or that on average, 26% of couples getting married already have kids? It makes us wonder how much things are changing when you compare these facts to those of 10 years ago.

The prices grooms are paying for an engagement ring is now averaging €1,000 – €4,000 with almost 50% falling into this bracket. It would be interesting to see how much this has changed over the years with the influence of the media.

More interesting facts include the average cost of a wedding, which nowadays can vary from €5,000 to €25,000 and can include anywhere between 50 and 300 guests at an average cost of €50 per guest.

Finally, we wanted to see if old traditions still held strong in today’s cultures and we found that old traditions are still very much the norm with over 80% stating they will have or have had their ceremony in a church rather than a civil ceremony.

We have tried to cover all areas surrounding weddings today that we felt were important and that you would enjoy. If you did enjoy our infographic or know of someone who may like it, please feel free to like and share it with your friends as often as you please and help us to spread the enjoyment.