Wedding marquees Kildare

Marque Heating

We hate to hear of any marquee event where people complained of being cold. With the right equipment any marquee can easily be heated to normal room temperatures even in the very coldest Irish weather.

A good marquee heater will typically be setup outside the marquee with a duct leading into the marquee. When switched on the heater will pump fresh warm air (no fumes) into the marquee. The temperature inside the marquee can be set and easily adjusted using a thermostat (similar to those in many houses). Depending on the marquee size and ambient temperature extra heaters may be required.

Once you have agreed on a comfortable temperature you can forget about the heating as the heater will work away itself to keep a nice even temperature throughout the marquee.

Typically these heaters run on kerosene although there are gas versions available which are equally as good. The gas versions are a little more expensive to run than the kerosene heaters.

On the week of your event we will have a reasonable idea of what the weather conditions will be like for the event. Based on this (assuming that we are not having a heat wave) and the size of the marquee we will advise on the best heating option for you.

We recommend that the heat is on with the stat turned up high for 30 minutes before the event starts to ensure that the marquee feels nice and warm when the guests arrive. We find that people’s perception is that a marquee event will be cold. Therefore having a nice warm (even slightly hot) marquee when the guests arrive is essential to ensure that the party starts on a positive note. The stat can always be turned down if it gets too hot!

For smaller marquees we can supply gas blow heaters, electric heaters and IR heaters as required. These provide good heat. They are not supplied with stats which mean that you will have to manually switch the heat on/off as required.