Marquee floor hire

Marquee Floors

The floor used in a marquee is one of the most important factors which must be considered when hiring a marquee. Unfortunately this part is often ignored until it is too late to rectify.

These are the main types of floor used;

  1. Wooden floors or sometimes called a Cassette floor
  2. Classic Marquees unique varnished wooden floorHard plastic floors

Before booking a marquee you must decide if you actually do need a floor and if you do then you must bear the following in mind when choosing a floor;

  • What type of event are you running – house party/corporate event/wedding?
  • What is the ground like that the marquee will be erected on – flat/sloping/uneven/grass/concrete/tarmac etc..
  • Do I need the floor to look great or do I just need something basic to cover mucky ground and to keep dry?
  • Do I need a solid floor that is safe to walk and dance on and that I can be confident that the floor won’t move apart?

Typically a hard plastic floor will work well for events where the marquee is built on level ground and you don’t need a wooden floor. If this floor is laid well then you can dance on it if you get urge! From a cost point of view this is the cheapest form of floor available.

If the ground is uneven then you will need a wooden floor as this type of floor can be levelled.

For any event on any ground we recommend our unique varnished wooden floor – for formal events it’s definitely a must have floor. It is the very best floor available and is priced similarly to a cassette floor – it actually works out less expensive as you don’t need carpet or a separate dancefloor which provide for a significant saving!