Insurance Details


Insurance Broker:
O’Leary Insurance Group,
Liosban Business Park, Tuam Rd., Galway.
Phone: 091 778677

Note: Please address all insurance queries to our broker.

Period of Cover: 26/5/19 to 26/5/20

Employers Liability:
This covers full and part-time employees of CLASSIC MARQUEES Ltd engaged in the erection or dismantling of marquees and any other ancillary tasks with a limit of indemnity of €13,000,000.00 for one incident & unlimited for the period.

Public Liability:
This covers the hire and erection of marquees anywhere in the whole of Ireland. Marquees are considered to be the marquee itself, flooring, carpeting & doors.

The limit indemnity is €6,500,000.00 for any one incident and €6,500,000.00 during any period of insurance in respect of products supplied. The insurance includes indemnity to principals and indemnity to persons on whose property marquees are erected.

We would point out that the above insurances cover only the erection/existence/dismantling risks and in no way cover any functions or use of the marquee organized by you/your client. You must make your own separate insurance arrangements in that respect.

All Risks:
All Risks cover is provided by the owner, subject to the following:

1.The Client is responsible for the first €3000 if any damage sustained.
2.The Client is responsible for any willful or malicious damage to the property or theft.
3.The Client is responsible for damage or loss of furniture, linings, carpets, and heating, electrics (including generators, bars, and toilets). Note All Risks cover to include malicious damage may be arranged by special agreement and terms in certain case.