Sizing A Marquee

What size marquee creates the perfect level of comfort? What is the optimum balance between being too tight and having too much space that you don’t know what to do with! There are some basic rules to consider when sizing a marquee….

Marquees are modular and are extended in length by 3m or 5m wide bays. This means that you can keep adding on bays until you have the correct size for you. The most popular size marquees are 9m or 12m wide. The 9m wide marquee will be extended in length by 3m bays while typical 12m marquees will have 3m or 5m wide bays.

Standing or Seated? The first question that we always ask is – will your guests be standing or seated?

Seating? The basic rule is that per 3m bay of 9m wide marquee you can get three 5ft round tables (each seating approx 8-10 guests), giving a maximum of 30 guests per bay.

Bar area? A bar area can be fitted into the main marquee or as an annex marquee connected to the main marquee. Typically a bar will take up 1 bay.

Dance floor? Great, but remember that typically this will take up one or even two bays of the marquee. A good space saving measure is to remove tables later to expose the dancefloor.

Catering marquee? This can be inside the main marquee with a dividing wall so that it is completely separate and hidden from your guests and will take up approximately one bay of the marquee or alternatively you may have a totally separate marquee and linked via a door. 

Lounge/Chill out area? Professional Marquee companies should be able to offer a range of event furniture and luxurious linings which can create a secluded relaxation area in your marquee. Typically this will take up one bay of the marquee but can of course be bigger should you wish!

All of the above are guidelines only as each marquee will need to be sized specifically for each job. This is where we come in with our vast experience. We will ask you some questions to get a general idea of what you require and size the marquee based on your comments.