Timber Floors

Wooden Marquee Floors – Cassette Floors

Most reputable marquee companies use a wooden floor (cassette floor). This is normally made from wooden or plywood and is held in place with a visible steel profile which runs along the width of the marquee every 10’. This floor is laid on wooden or steel battens for support.

This system however does have some potentially serious disadvantages;

  • It’s NOT suitable for dancing on – you must hire a separate dance floor
  • It will move apart with traffic and dancing (even with a dance floor)
  • Separate floor boards move up and down independently of each other when somebody walks across the floor –  this can create a trip hazard and you will notice this by crockery & cutlery rattling if you are seated at a table
  • The steel profile does not look aesthetically pleasing

For a formal function i.e. a wedding this type of floor will need to be covered with carpet which adds a further cost to the event; however, this will not eliminate the disadvantages mentioned above.

Classic Marquees Wooden floor board system

At Classic Marquees Ltd we use a unique timber flooring system. Each panel is made from varnished tongue and groove timber floor boards. They interlock together and are also screwed into place making this floor very strong and safe.

This floor will not move apart and is suitable to dance directly on without having to hire a separate dance floor.

This system eliminates the disadvantages of the cassette flooring system. We are the only marquee company to provide this type of flooring system.

There are also other forms of flooring such as hard plastic flooring that you will see laid on grass at sporting events. I will cover these on my next blog. Check out our website photo gallery for images of our floors