Outdoor Event Toilet Hire

Hiring a toilet for an outdoor event.

If you are running an outdoor event or party then you must consider toilet facilities.

For small parties at home with up to 60-70 guests you may be happy to allow your guests to use the in house toilets. If not then read on for the available options.

For guest numbers greater than 70 you should seriously consider hiring in some extra toilets. Before hiring you will need to consider the following before deciding on the type of toilets required.

  •         How many guests will be using them and for how long – 1 evening, 1 weekend, 1 week etc..
  •         Will something cheap & cheerful suffice
  •         Do you want something more stylish and comfortable
  •         What is your budget for the toilets?

If something cheap & cheerful will work then you can hire some stand-alone chemical Portaloos. The number required will depend on the number of guests attending. Typically two units will suffice for up to 100 guests for an evening party. These units are the most cost effective option.

If you require something more upmarket then you will need to have a look at the Luxury Loos which are housed on a self-contained trailer unit. Normally they are split between male and female sections. These units have porcelain toilets, urinals, and wash hand basins with full flush and hot and cold running water. You can have them supplied with video and stereo music system if required. These units are typically used at weddings.

For larger events over a longer time period you will need to consider a porta cabin unit which can be connected up to the local sewer system.

At Classic Marquees Ltd we can advise on the most suitable option for your needs.