A Good Dancefloor

Why bother with a dance floor?

Firstly and most importantly to dance you need a surface that is safe to dance on. There is not much point trying out some fancy moves on a dodgy floor as it will only lead to a trip to the local hospital. A poor dance floor will make a good dancer look foolish however a good dance floor may not make a poor dancer look good!

All dance floors need to be sturdy to withstand the pounding that comes from repeated use. Dance floors also need to be smooth with a low friction level to allow the feet to glide over the dance floor. Some dancers have been known to spread talcum powder onto the dance floor to reduce friction even further.

In general there are two types of dance floor – wood and vinyl.

Wood traditionally has been the most prominent dance floor available. It is strong, hard wearing and the polished surface of the wood dance floor adds to the beauty of the room.

More recently vinyl dance floors are becoming more popular. These can be made in a variety of colors from the black & white checkerboard effect to all white or all black and even a wood effect.  They are very durable and easy to lay.

At Classic Marquees we can supply wooden dance floors, black & white checkerboard dance floors and all black or all white dance floors.

They can be laid on existing floors from marquees to restaurants, private houses, pubs, function rooms etc..