Plastic Safety Floor

This is the most cost effective form of marquee flooring available.

These floors are strong, safe and durable. Each floor panel is 500mm x 500mm and  clips together to make one continuous floor. From a versatility point of view it is extremely practical as sections can be removed to allow the floor to fit around obstacles such as trees or walls.

At Classic Marquees we use one of the best types of plastic floor available which is manufactured in Denmark. This floor is anti-slip and will allow spills/rain to safely drain away, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can also be used directly as a dancefloor.

Typically it may be used as the main floor inside the marquee and as an outdoor walkway leading to/from the marquee/toilets/carpark etc.

However, this floor does have one major disadvantage as it needs to be laid on level (or slightly sloping) ground. If the ground is uneven or has a significant slope then this floor cannot be used.